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Online Consultation

New to Mentoring Minds? Book an online consultation so we can get to know each other and create a plan to best support your student! Please note that guardians must complete a consultation before students can participate in Mentoring Minds services.

1:1 RPM Office Session

We offer 30 and 60 minute in-office sessions. It is recommended that students who are newer to RPM or students under 10 years of age start with 30 minute sessions.

1:1 RPM Online Session

We offer 30 minute online sessions to students with Mentoring Minds RPM experience. Online sessions are also a great option for families looking to practice more RPM at home.

Group Classes

Practicing RPM in group sessions is a great way for students to build community. This is also a great opportunity for guardians and aides to increase their RPM skills.

Each student is required to have a support person attend the class with them.

Contact us directly if you are unsure if group classes would be a good fit for your student.

Joint Sessions

Joint sessions are an opportunity for students to connect with their peers! Joint sessions operate on a 2:1 ratio and are offered for 30 or 60 minute sessions. Contact us directly to book these appointments.

Appointment Support

Have an upcoming appointment that your student could benefit from using RPM to communicate their needs? We can use RPM for doctors appointments, therapy, school, day programs and more! Contact us directly to book these appointments.

Communication Partner Training 

Communication Partner Training sessions are 30 minute sessions where we support aides, support workers, family, etc. to learn RPM with your student. These sessions can also be used to practice in-front of a level 3 practitioner to receive feedback and to problem solve any issues you are having with RPM at home.

Home Sessions

While we generally see better success during office sessions, home sessions are a great option for students who are more comfortable at home or have difficulty leaving home. Please note there is limited availability for these sessions.

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